Mobile Rock Climbing, Hervey Bay

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a rock wall challenge

Specifications and Qualifications

The rock wall is mounted on a dedicated tandem trailer, making it ideal for easy transport, erection and packing up.


  • Climbing height 8 metres with 5 sided climb
  • Height (lowered) 2.5m
  • Width (towed) 2.4m
  • Length (towed) 9m
  • Weight 2000 kg
  • Operating footprint 10m x 5m
  • Self contained lighting for night operations.
  • Each climb is fitted with a Belay line for safe decent and or fall restraint.


Our operator/s hold the following:
  • Blue Card (working with children)
  • First Aid Certificates
  • Rigging Licence

Set Up Requirements

The rock wall is self supporting and therefore eliminates the need for pegging and guy ropes.
  • Clear level and stable surface of either grass, concrete, pavers etc.
  • Appropriate access for tow vehicle and rock wall.
  • Clear height of 10m (no over head service wires)
  • Self contained lighting for night operations.
  • No external power, water or other services are required.